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Webinar: Staff the Service Desk to Meet Demand

With increasing complexity of support and demand on service desks, staff are often left feeling overwhelmed and struggling to keep up with ticket volume, resulting in long resolution times and frustrated end users. With the introduction of remote work through COVID-19, the volume and variety of issues have increased with remote users setting up home networks, new devices and services, and new ways of working. Making the case to bring on new workers, when revenue streams may also be in flux, is difficult. Comparing against benchmarks is an almost pointless exercise as the variability is enormous.

Join us for our webinar, where we will show a straightforward approach to calculating your staffing needs.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Why benchmarking does not tell the whole story.
  • The importance of good data, and where to start if your data does not measure up.
  • Which data is most important to make the case for right-sizing your staffing.
  • What to do when the data does not provide the results you were hoping to see.
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