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Webinar: Implement Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

In this age of discovery, technology changes at a rapid pace. New things are discovered, both in new technology and in old. The pace of change can cause confusion about where to start and what to do.

The ever-changing nature of technology means that vulnerabilities will always be present. Taking measures to address these completely will consume all of your department’s time and resources. That, and your efforts will quickly become stale as new vulnerabilities are uncovered. Besides, what about the systems that simply can’t be patched? The key is to understand the vulnerabilities and the levels of risk they pose to your organization in order to prioritize effectively and to look beyond patching.

Join our webinar when we will explore:

  • How a risk-based approach to vulnerability management will ensure you are prioritizing appropriately and protecting the business.
  • How to reduce the risk surface.
  • How vulnerability management is not just systems and application patching but a full process that includes patching, compensating controls, segmentation, segregation, and heightened diligence in security monitoring.

Featured Speaker

Jimmy Tom

Research Advisor, Security, Privacy, Risk & Compliance
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