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Webinar: Drive Business Value With a Right-Sized Project Gating Process

Many organizations have implemented gating as part of their project management process. So what separates those who are successful from those who are not? For starters, successful gating requires that each gate is treated as an essential audit. That means there needs to be clear roles and responsibilities in the framework, and it must give the governing group clear authority to deny passage to the next gate if the project team cannot clearly demonstrate the requirements of the current gate. “Done” should always be done right. Gating can be a great mechanism for portfolio governance, but to achieve that, we need to stop limiting our gates to project management processes. Start applying a right-sized approach that puts the project sponsor in the driver’s seat, allowing us to do what we wanted all along – drive business value.

During this discussion we will explore:

  • Tailoring the project gating process for each project level.
  • Engaging the sponsor by shifting the accountability to the business so they can get the most out of the project.
  • Expanding the project-gating process to the portfolio.
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