It's 1984, time for an upgrade!

Following up their powerful Big Brother inspired Superbowl commercial, Apple has released the Apple 2e, a lower cost, more powerful machine using newer chips to reduce component count while adding new features.

The Apple 2e features the ability to display BOTH upper and lower case letters at the same time.

A standard 64kilobytes of RAM gives you plenty of power for most modern applications.

The Auxiliary slot can support an add on board that extends the display to 80 columns.

An additional add on board can increase the RAM to 128kilobytes

Compared to IBM's recently launched AT's, the build quality of the Apple 2e is far superior with none of the reported hard drive issues reported by big blue's customers cropping up.

This April Fool's video recommends that enterprises looking for reliable computing horsepower at an affordable cost should consider the Apple 2e.

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