Thoughtonomy Attains the First Citrix Ready Verification for RPA Vendors

Author(s): David Lee

Thoughtonomy announced that its new Computer Vision automation tool, IADA Vision, has been verified as Citrix Ready. Although every RPA vendor offers automation capability over remote/virtual desktop, Thoughtonomy is the first robotic process automation (RPA) vendor to attain such verification from Citrix.

RPA automates by reproducing users through the user interface (UI) layer. RPA bots leverage UI elements’ metadata to identify targets of such interactions, so that they can tolerate minor updates to the interface. However, in Citrix environments, there is no metadata, leaving RPA bots to rely on less reliable visual elements and processing them through identifying positional anchors, optical character recognition, etc. This is sometimes referred to as surface automation.

Thoughtonomy claims that IADA Vision enables its RPA logic to recognize patterns of what’s on screen more dynamically, which increases tolerance to changes in applications, speeds up build processes, and reduces maintenance time and costs.

“Rather than having Virtual Workers [Thoughtonomy’s bots] blindly clicking on buttons based on potentially out-of-date instructions, and fragile automations often breaking down when a button is moved on a given page, with our computer vision solution these virtual workers can perform in a far more dynamic, intelligent way on the Citrix platform,’ said Danny Major, CTO at Thoughtonomy.

Our Take

This is a great example of applied artificial intelligence (AI) in RPA. AI in RPA has been largely limited to interpreting unstructured data, while vendors struggle to meet the (frankly, unrealistic) expectations of AI to figure out the process on its own. IADA Vision is using AI to make the human-created logic more resilient to unexpected changes in UI, and that’s a welcome addition to the field.

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