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Vendor Landscape: Video Surveillance

More than choosing the right HD camera and meeting regulatory compliance.

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Your Challenge

  • Assist in the selection or upgrading of a surveillance system.
  • Address guest safety demands.
  • Reduce theft losses and streamline investigations.
  • Increase operational efficiencies.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Leverage surveillance data in business decision making. As camera quality and data storage capabilities increase over time, video analytics can harness video data and translate it into actionable business intelligence.
  • Enhance surveillance efficiency by leveraging machine learning and advanced rules engines. Data overload prohibits the surveillance team from manually identifying all relevant risks and fraud; machine learning (ML) features help to solve that.
  • Merge surveillance and IT departments. Moving forward, Surveillance and IT may merge and what once were responsibilities and accountabilities in Surveillance may be passed over to IT.
  • Become future-proof by balancing the need for cutting-edge technology with systems that are backwards compatible. Stretch your investments by working with vendors with great integration and interoperability capabilities.

Impact and Result

  • Meet regulatory compliance obligations for game protection while demonstrating real ROI through point-of-sale fraud prevention and enhanced business operation insights.
  • Provide a safer and more secure environment for your customers without inconveniencing and disrupting their gaming and hospitality experience.
  • Improve threat identification and reduce operator fatigue by choosing the right solution that can leverage innovative analytic technologies.
  • Maximize your investment by selecting a solution that is adaptive to both future innovations and compatible with existing analog technologies.

Research & Tools

1. Review the video surveillance market

Understand the current trends in video surveillance, key vendor capabilities, and their limitations.

2. Identify the video surveillance solution that best meets your needs

Develop a shortlist of vendors specific to your organization’s needs to speed the selection process.

3. Build a job description for a surveillance technician

Accelerate the hiring for an open technical surveillance position.

4. Create a policy for the use of video surveillance

Establish a policy for legal and risk review to establish controls over use and communication to employees.

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Published: June 14, 2018
Last Revised: June 14, 2018

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