Vendor Landscape: Housekeeping Automation

Streamline housekeeping operations to improve guest experience and profitability.

Your Challenge

  • Increasing labor costs and the challenge of optimally scheduling staff to meet hotel peaks and valleys causes manual housekeeping practices to become unsustainable.
  • As brand choices and competition increase and customer expectations continue to rise, guest room cleanliness and quality of guest service become key. Organizations need to efficiently ensure housekeeping consistency and real-time awareness of room inventory status.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Housekeeping automation tools enable hoteliers to track, measure, and drive sustained housekeeping operations performance (in-house or via outsourced/third party) and ROI by utilizing KPIs and dashboards that provide transparency into housekeeping operations efficiency, quality, and room turnaround times.
  • The guest experience continues to be one of the key differentiating factors among all hotel brands. Housekeeping automation tools enable the management of cleaning assignments based on real-time ETAs of guests and reservation-driven criteria that otherwise would not be possible. Additionally, when integrated with the PMS and other hospitality tools, housekeeping automation tools can collect and utilize guest information, statistics, and behaviors to provide an optimized and consistent guest experience. 

Impact and Result

  • Housekeeping solutions will enable dramatic improvements in housekeeping operations and typically deliver a payback in less than three months through improvements to operational efficiency and effectiveness. Shortlist the solutions based on your feature requirements, paying close attention to forecasting and scheduling, communications, and inputs/constraints to rules and queuing.
  • Save time and money by using Info-Tech’s Vendor Landscape to understand what’s new in the housekeeping automation market for gaming, hotel, and resort enterprises and compare and contrast the major housekeeping automation vendors. 

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Get to Action

  1. Understand the housekeeping automation systems space

    Understand housekeeping automation solutions, their capabilities, and their limitations.

  2. Identify the housekeeping automation solution that best meets your needs

    Develop a shortlist of housekeeping automation vendors to speed the selection process.

Guided implementation icon Guided Implementation

This guided implementation is a three call advisory process.

    Guided Implementation #1

  • Call #1: Shortlist Assistance and Requirements

    Get off to a productive start: Discuss the market space and how vendors are evaluated. Decide which platform suits you best and narrow down the options based on customized requirements.

  • Guided Implementation #2

  • Call #1: RFP and Budget Review

    Interpret and act on RFP results: Review vendors’ RFPs and ensure the solution will meet your needs. Discuss average pricing of solutions and what can fit into your budget.

  • Guided Implementation #3

  • Call #1: Negotiation and Contract Review

    Purchase optimization: Review contracts and discuss best practices in negotiation tactics to get the best price for your solution.

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