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Make IT More Responsive & Agile

If the business asks for more, jump confidently with agility.

  • Companies are changing the way they do business faster than ever, and IT Departments are unable to meet the organization's needs for rapid, business driven change.
  • The need for responsiveness is not always driven by a need for speed. Improvements to revenue generation, customer satisfaction, quality, and availability are also drivers.
  • Failure to be responsive to the business will result in the business outsourcing or creating their own IT capability
  • IT's traditional approach to doing projects and providing services tend to be cautious, controlled and thorough – for good reason – but not perceived to be in touch with this rapid-fire business environment. New methods need to be found.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Info-Tech research shows that over 50% of IT Leaders are not getting the improvements they need from traditional best practices and are looking for other ways to make IT more responsive.
  • Agile software development methodology will make your App Dev team more responsive.
  • Apply the agile principles to Infrastructure support, application maintenance and other task based support services to make those teams more responsive too.
  • Build a foundation for the agile process by creating a technical architecture that in itself increases responsiveness and efficiencies in system acquisition and deployment.

Impact and Result

  • Improve your responsiveness and agility by adopting the principles of Agile Software Development methodology in your software development, software maintenance, and infrastructure support teams.
  • Optimize those processes by implementing technologies and architectures that increase agility in system acquisition and deployment.
  • This research, based on a real life case study, will recommend new practices that allow IT to be responsive to fast-changing needs yet provide the safeguards needed to maintain quality and sustain operations.

Make IT More Responsive & Agile Research & Tools

1. Get the whole picture.

Improve IT responsiveness and agility.

2. Assess how IT responsiveness is affecting the business.

Determine where and how to make improvements in IT responsiveness.

3. Adopt an agile software development process.

Manage projects with frequently changing requirements, and deliver benefits early and often.

4. Identify the new roles needed to facilitate the agile process.

Enable effective, collaborative, self managing agile sprint teams.

5. Plan and manage agile development projects.

Provide real time project status and deliver quality project results early and often.

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