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2018 Tribal Government Benchmark Reports

Info-Tech NATRC 2018 Tribal Government Benchmark Reports.

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  • Tribal organizations are changing – the need to adapt and keep up with the latest developments has never been more important.
  • Not all tribal organizations, structures, and practices are created equal. It is important to separate effective practices from fads to prioritize initiatives that will provide the biggest impact for tribal nations.
  • You need to develop governance structure, strategic learning, and talent development strategy that positions your tribal government to not only provide better community services and government programs, but also to become a more innovative and transformative influence in Indian Country.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The benchmarking survey results represent the overarching patterns of common skill set gaps that are prevalent amongst tribal governments.
  • Ensuring that your tribe is proactively addressing the skill gaps revealed in this survey will help to build and sustain effective teams that are capable of carrying out initiatives that further self-determination.

Impact and Result

  • Use the data and analysis from Info-Tech's NATRC 2018 Tribal Government Benchmark Reports to inform your tribal nation’s strategic plan.
  • Understand which practices and trends have the biggest impact on overall tribal nation performance.
  • Benchmark your tribe’s effectiveness and priorities against other tribal nations.

Research & Tools

1. Prepare for key developments shaping the future of tribal government leadership

Understand the current state and trends affecting tribal governments. Inform strategic plans and prioritize best practices.

2. Dive deeper into the skills aspect of tribal government

Understand the current skills, learning, and people development aspects of tribal nations and inform strategic plans and prioritize best practices.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a one call advisory process.

Call #1 - Identify which findings and practices should be a priority for your organization and discuss current practices that need to be improved.
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