Select, Implement, or Change a Resource & Patient Management System – Phase 1: Define the RPMS State and Requirements

Author(s): Larry Fretz, Viktor Popov

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If you’re implementing a Resource & Patient Management System (RPMS) you first need to know whether it makes sense to do so. As a result, you’ll need proper insight into the inner workings of your organization and its needs. As such, Phase 1 of the research is focused upon defining your RPMS state and requirements. This phase will take you through the following activities:

  • Align stakeholders.
  • Review deployment options.
  • Document your project challenges, drivers, and goals.
  • Conduct an RPMS and healthcare SWOT analysis.
  • Assess your agency and community context.
  • Assess your current state to decide whether to proceed with RPMS.
  • Gather requirements.

Use this phase as part of the full blueprint, Select, Implement, or Change a Resource & Patient Management System.

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