Ripple Announces $100-Million Partnership With Forte

Author(s): Andy Liu

Ripple has announced an ambitious plan to integrate blockchain technology into video games with a $100-million fund for developers managed by Forte.

Forte is a San Francisco company founded this year by prominent gaming executives. Blockchain provides a distributed and immutable ledger that can be used as a verifiable way to track digital assets (e.g. a sword or a character). This has significant implications for the secondary markets of gaming.

Currently players buy other players’ accounts using eBay or other third-party sites, a process that can be fraught with scams. Blockchain integration into gaming platforms provides verification and a way for these transactions to take place in-game.

Our Take

For Ripple, this $100-million investment is an expansion upon its core business of payment facilitation. Yet, the project provides a view of what can be possible in the future. The instantaneous nature of Ripple’s solution can be a great use case for gaming asset transfers. It also provides another avenue to demonstrate the power of Ripple’s solutions.

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