Putting the Human Back in Human Capital Management

Author(s): Tracy-Lynn Reid

Vendors focus on user experience (UX) design as a means of delivering effective human capital management (HCM) solutions. Having the best solution in the world is useless if humans refuse to touch it.

Organizations are seeking solutions that enhance employee/user experience and vendors are prepared to help by implementing UX design teams and using marketing to convey how they are intertwining HCM and human experience.

New technologies are making HCM systems more palatable for the humans who use them. At Ultimate Software the “User Experience (UX) Design team practices user-centered design to keep customers and their employees at the center of every experience [they] create.” Their process embeds human experience at every stage of design:

Ultimate Software Infographic: Why User Experience Rules

Oracle’s 2019 HCM updates are designed to “Make Work More Human,” which it believes makes business sense. Referring to information from Deloitte and research by Bersin, Oracle states “that high-impact organizations are 3.5 times more likely to focus on user experience when designing HR offerings than low-performing organizations.”

Current updates aim to improve the lives of HR, job candidates, and employees. Some of these capabilities include: (1) the ability for HR to reconfigure the system without IT support; (2) candidates-organization interaction that best suits the candidate; and (3) a more-efficient approach to getting answers.

Both vendors understand that humans want work resources to be as easy to use as personal resources.

Our Take

Successful implementation and adoption of a HCM system is dependent on the positive experiences had by the humans on the other side of the screen. Info-Tech’s 2019 CIO Trend Report calls out human experience as one of the key outcomes associated with current tech trends like the Digital World. To improve the human experience, leaders should look for HCM systems that enable virtual access to digital data, and increase user mobility where possible.

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