The Lean Implementation Roadmap Template allows development teams to document the current and future lean state of their development process and ensure teams and stakeholders are on the same page regarding their optimization initiatives. This template includes areas to:

  • Identify the inefficiencies of your current development processes and prioritize the issues to address first.
  • Define the development guidelines that your teams and organization should abide by.
  • Discuss your version control and source code branching strategies.
  • Prepare your development process and tools for automated build and continuous integration.
  • Document the implementation roadmap to become lean.
Use this template in conjunction with the blueprint, Make Development Teams Leaner and Improve Time-to-Release In Five Steps.

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Make Development Teams Leaner and Improve Time-to-Release in Five Steps

Drive down your delivery time by removing your development inefficiencies and bottlenecks while maintaining high quality.

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