It is suddenly that time of year again: time to review past predictions, rank them, and create a new set, in the hope that, by being reasonably accurate, they will assist our members in planning out strategies in products, markets, and investments for the next 12 months.

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Published: December 14, 2011
Last Revised: December 14, 2011

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    Mike Crump | 12-21-2011

    I cannot and will not argue with your point "it will become clear that the real trend is for enterprise to stay away from clouds in all key areas, for reasons both of security and reliability." However, I am really wondering what will be factors that diminish the enterprise cloud hype into some sort of rationalization. In contrast to your point I am continously bombarded by cloud vendors and zealots that the cloud is more secure. I happen to side with your on this subject. I could speak ad nauseum on my opinions on this subject will forego boring you and your readers with my ramblings. I would however be interested in hearing more on your thoughts in this area - in this day and age hype combined with reaction without analysis seems to rule the day. If you try to ratchet down the noise it seems that you only get classified as an in the box, stick in the mud, unoriginal naysayer. Regardless, big picture I'm with you on this one.


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mark anderson

Mark Anderson

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Mark Anderson writes the most accurate predictive reports covering the computing and communication industries. His weekly Trends and Predictions posts cover must-have information for strategy development and business technology planning, and are followed by technology executives and investors worldwide including Bill Gates, Paul Jacobs, Michael Dell and more.

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