The Competition Gets Fierce in the Thin Client Market as Niche Vendors Emerge

Info-Tech Research Group’s Thin Client Vendor Landscape Report recognizes HP, Wyse, and Pano Logic as Champions in an expanding market.

London, ON, June 19, 2012 - A recent Thin Client Vendor Landscape report, published by Info-Tech Research Group, predicts thin clients will continue to entice enterprises away from traditional desktops because of their increased security and cost benefits. Pano Logic, HP, and Wyse are listed as Champions in the market and while the landscape is still dominated by large vendors, niche players are appealing to many organizations by providing high value solutions. 

“Going thin is about more than saving on electricity bills, the projected benefits go well beyond that; but cost is one benefit businesses are unlikely to ignore,” says Laura Hansen-Kohls, Senior Research Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group.  “Some niche vendors offer their solutions at a substantially lower cost than traditional vendors. While they may not have the name recognition of the larger players, the products and price points are excellent, and a power shift away from traditional vendors may be on its way.”

Niche vendor Pano Logic has made traction in the thin client market with their “true zero” product and strong VDI support and are listed as Champions.  They were also awarded the ‘Value Award’ for offering the most comprehensive solution at the most affordable price point.

HP, listed as a Champion, is a veteran in the thin client market leading the way with advanced features.  HP has a comprehensive line of thin client products and the support to back up its presence in the market. 

Wyse is one of the longest-running thin client vendors in the space today, and is well positioned to profit from a variety of thin client adoption models. Their end-user experience and strong partner ecosystem helped to earn them Champion status. Since the Info-Tech Research Group Thin Client Vendor Landscape report was written, Wyse has been acquired by Dell, a deal scheduled to close later this year. This places Dell firmly in HP's way for dominance of the market space.

Other niche vendors such as Chip PC and IGEL were recognized as Innovators. Both excel in features and affordability. Like Pano Logic, these vendors are well-positioned to continue to grow in market share over the next two years.

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