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Oracle is used by the majority of businesses for their critical enterprise applications. However, databases are not “greenfield.” Over 90% of organizations using Oracle own at least one other database platform, yet cross-platform database management is one of their top challenges. Develop at strategy to make the most of Oracle within your heterogeneous database environment.

  • Determine Oracle’s fit with your organization, and if it is necessary to keep paying for it. Use an inventory to document application dependencies and other factors that limit changes to the database ecosystem.
  • Make a final decision on what to do with Oracle: ditch it, downgrade it, or deal with it.
  • Investigate the myriad licensing options and features that Oracle offers, and compare it with other database options. Then tie up loose ends and decide on a database solution that is optimal for the business.
  • Certain database practices are more successful than others; know which activities the happiest Oracle customers engage in.
  • Know the top database challenges identified by Info-Tech clients, and develop a strategy that will meet and mitigate them.

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Published: March 2, 2011
Last Revised: March 2, 2011


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