Standard Operating Procedures Workbook

Author(s): Frank Trovato, Mike Buma

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Documenting SOPs improves consistency, facilitates process improvement, and contributes to efficient IT operations, yet many organizations struggle to keep their documentation usable and up-to-date.

Visual-based documents such as flowcharts, checklists, and diagrams are more effective than the traditional text-heavy approach, and also more likely to be used.

Keep document management practices simple to increase effectiveness and member buy-in. While tools and strategies for document creation, management, and storage will vary, SOPs should be electronic (rather than paper) and web-based (rather than locally hosted).

Incorporate SOP creation and updates into change management processes, and establish clear lines of ownership and accountability.

Use this workbook to conduct the SOP workshop portion of the PowerPoint storyboard. For example, capture the results of the exercises in this document as well as action items for implementing SOPs.

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Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind

Go beyond satisfying auditors to drive process improvement, consistent IT operations, and effective knowledge transfer.

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