Implementing proper IT security policies, software, and equipment is vital to any enterprise. All enterprises have something of value that needs to be protected, regardless of the size of the company or their industry. At the very least, companies have services and infrastructure that hackers can exploit. Common exploits include using phone systems to place expensive long distance calls and using the network storage to host illegal Web sites. Governments and industry regulatory groups are aware of the importance of implementing a sound IT security system and many have put security requirements in place.

What is Security?

IT information security is the process by which enterprises protect their information, internal systems, and platforms from unauthorized use, theft, deletion, and unauthorized changes. Security is not about eliminating risks to the enterprise, it is about mitigating these risks to acceptable levels.

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    Nancy Ridenhour | 01-05-2010

    Good overview.

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    Yvette Canham | 01-06-2010

    We are about to review our security policy and the simplicity of division of components described in this article will go a long way towards simplifying what can become a nightmare policy document referencing myriad other policies

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    Ronnie Mize | 01-22-2010

    I would add encryption as a basic component of today's security requirements. It is not enough to simply protect against access or malicious code insertion/deployment but we must also have the basic components in place for a second level of defense in the event intrusion, etc., does indeed succeed.

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    Andrew Porter | 02-10-2011

    Too simple and missed a lot of core areas even for a 101, e.g. encryption, end point security, asset control, removable media, update, etc. With a little more thought though it could be good.

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    Sami Mousa | 01-30-2013

    Also missing authentication, CA, Froniac, Layer of Defense... need more work

    • 1f30bc908bc68cb3217f4e2c787058d4 comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 01-31-2013

      Thank you for the comment. While this brief article is, as titled, intended as a "Security 101," the topics that you and others have commented upon are important ones. Info-Tech continues to develop and extend its security research agenda, and will look to provide additional coverage of those topics, where they are not already covered in other publications.


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