“It’s basically AES-256 encryption on steroids”: SecurityFirst Enthusiastic About DataKeep 2.3

Author(s): Logan Rohde

Do you like the security encryption provides? Are you running an NFS or AIX system? If you said yes to these questions, you may be interested in recent updates to SecurityFirst’s signature product, DataKeep.

CEO Jim Varner describes DataKeep’s security protocols as “AES-256 encryption on steroids,” as DataKeep randomizes data via cryptographic splitting and then repeats the process to add a second layer of protection. This data can also be split into multiple shares and locations. However, DataKeep is a very flexible product and does not require users to use all of these cryptographic techniques. Other features you can use (or not) include:

  • Third-party integration
  • VM and cloud compatibility
  • Ransomware decryption
  • Privacy and access controls

Our Take

SecurityFirst’s latest update to DataKeep is more about expanding service than further increasing security features. With the new version of DataKeep, users running NFS or AIX systems won’t be left out, as the product now supports both of these options.

Varner notes that DataKeep is primarily used by medium-to-large organizations, so if your organization of that size is currently looking to upgrade your database security, it might be worth a look.

DataKeep could potentially make a nice companion to medium-to-large members currently completing Info-Tech’s Craft a Cloud Strategy for the Enterprise Database blueprint.

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