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(03-Jun-11) Too often, companies look at the people in their IT departments as alchemists. In addition to their myriad duties, data center managers are tasked to figure out ways that they can simultaneously cut costs in their departments while somehow bring about revenue growth and improved efficiencies tothe business.

“It’s a dichotomy. How do you achieve both?” posits James Norwood, senior vice president of worldwide product marketing at ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions vendor Epicor (

Meanwhile, few organizations seem to take an IT staff’s needs into account. Jonathan Eunice, founder and principal IT advisor at consultancy Illuminata (, points out thatgrowing and maintaining the class of IT that everyone wants will lead to happier employees, which translates into less turnover and better trained staff—and additional cost savings.

So what technology spends should you be making to improve efficiencies, spur on growth of your business, and most of all, make you happy to be an IT professional? Here are a few suggestions from industry experts.

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Published: June 3, 2011
Last Revised: June 10, 2011

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