This policy outlines the responsibilities associated with the use, authorization, and standards of equipment at an organization. It implements and outlines regulations and rules for employees to follow so they do not damage equipment.

Risks Addressed by Policy:

  • Employees are unaware of proper technique of handling equipment and can potentially damage equipment.
  • Equipment can be stored improperly which can affect how it works.

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Published: March 25, 2011
Last Revised: November 19, 2015


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    Kevin Quilliams | 04-05-2011

    As personal devices, such as personal laptops, iPads, and WiFi enabled phones become more and more common, this equipment use policies should include a provision to limit / restrict network access to company-owned devices.

    • Bd93a6862d4cad3b593d8f42f6d242ef comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 04-05-2011

      Thanks Kevin for your feedback. We did discuss this as an option, but chose to leave that out as there are many options now where companies are considering BYOC options for these devices. It is something that continues to be debated between organizations as well as IT Staff and End Users.

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    Chris Guemez | 05-16-2011

    I agree with Kevin Quilliams and this may be an opportunity for Info-Tech to give us some data. I am finding more SMEs are not interested in BYOC and would prefer that this include the provision mentioned by Kevin. Let the exceptions edit out while the rest of us need it in. Are there any numbers saying more companies, regardless of size are adopting BYOC?


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