Enterprise LAN is Cutting Cables as Info-Tech Research Group Predicts a Wireless Future

Info-Tech Research Group’s Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) Vendor Landscape report lists Avaya, Cisco, Enterasys and HP Networking as market Champions while the industry says goodbye to its cables.

London, ON, June 27 2012 – As mobile and cloud computing continue to make a mark across the technology industry, the Enterprise LAN market is being forced to cut ties with land lines and embrace the wireless wave, according to Info-Tech Research Group. A recent Enterprise LAN Vendor Landscape report, published by Info-Tech Research Group, ranked Avaya, Cisco, Enterasys and HP Networking as Champions and warn that the network edge will become almost entirely wireless soon.


“Mobility and cloud computing are changing the demands of enterprise LAN users. The next generation of the enterprise LAN access network will be largely wireless, and vendors are adapting and differentiating enterprise LAN offerings with WLAN offerings,” said Mark Tauschek, Lead Research Analyst for Info-Tech Research Group. “With the commoditization and standardization of core LAN infrastructure, vendors strive to differentiate by unifying and converging across networks, providing unified visibility, administration, monitoring, and management through a ‘single pane of glass’ network management system.  They are driving performance, reliability, and resiliency through proprietary protocols and techniques.”

Ranking as Champion, Avaya balances a strong product with a stable vendor.  Avaya boosted its networking line after acquiring Nortel’s enterprise solutions technology and talent in 2009 and now offers comprehensive virtualization features. With strong energy saving features for cost saving and green initiatives, Avaya is also noted as having excellent integration with its telephony and communication products.

Cisco remains the leader in the enterprise networking market in both mindshare and market share, and continues to carry a broad, comprehensive, full-featured product line. Listed as a Champion in the report, Cisco comes out on top in terms of advanced features and has the resources for strong channels and worldwide support.

Also a Champion, Enterasys’ enterprise LAN products contain many advanced features, including an admin interface that ties the whole network together. According to the report, Enterasys stands out using a full-featured admin interface that unifies management across the network, including wired and wireless components.

HP is a Champion vendor with a complete enterprise LAN portfolio that is gaining mindshare and market share in the very competitive market. Through innovation and acquisitions, HP has become one of the most significant networking vendors. With an enormous client base and a worldwide presence, HP is a stable vendor likely to support its products for years to come and was at the forefront of vendors offering lifetime warranties on networking products.

For the full list of Info-Tech Research Group’s recommendations for selecting an Enterprise LAN Vendor, visit: http://www.infotech.com/research/ss/it-vendor-landscape-enterprise-lan

Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors in the technology marketplace.  Assessing vendors by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise, Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscapes pay tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category. 

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