Infrastructure & Operations Priorities Report for 2022

Author(s): Troy Cheeseman, John Annand

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We have spent the last three months gathering signals from key vendors, standards bodies, industry organizations, notable tech influencers, reputable media, Info-Tech analysts, counselors, researchers, and of course – you, our members. We have done our best to separate the signal from the noise, conduct our analysis in a defensible framework, and present this all to you in an enjoyable and easily consumable format. By reading through this publication, you will begin to address the age-old problem “you don't know what you don't know.” More importantly, we have a challenge for you – don’t take our word for it! Don’t let Info-Tech, or anyone, dictate your priorities for 2022. Instead, use the framework we’ve provided to dive deeper into the trends most relevant to you and your organization. Document the priority (one, maybe two) you care about most in our template and present your analysis to stakeholders. We have taken great care to ensure everything we present in this report is not wrong – only you can turn not wrong into specifically true. Partner with Info-Tech to help refine the message of what YOUR I&O organization needs to be focusing on in 2022!

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Infrastructure & Operations Priorities 2022

Benefit realization, resource, and risk optimization for I&O leaders

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