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Small enterprises often do not have the staff, budget or expertise to create full data center operations. While employees may share a network and print/file servers, many other business components are lacking due to perceived cost or complexity. With the rapid growth of homes with multiple computers, many new devices aimed primarily at the consumer market can provide excellent service for a small enterprise or branch office. These include:

  • High capacity network storage devices.
  • Automated backup and restore platforms.
  • Network routers, switches and wireless devices.
  • Physical security devices including IP cameras and recorders.
  • Location tracking devices.
  • Organizational tools for sorting and accessing DVDs and CDs.

While many of these platforms will not have the robustness needed for larger enterprises, they may be more than adequate for the small enterprise or the home office environment and are often available at prices significantly less than enterprise-class equipment. Don't discount the consumer electronics when searching for additional office capabilities.

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Published: January 30, 2008
Last Revised: January 30, 2008


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