People have been talking about so-called M2M communications for quite a while, but it seems as though we haven't really gotten our arms around it yet.

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Published: October 4, 2012
Last Revised: October 4, 2012


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    Jeremy Shelton | 10-05-2012

    In light of Ventner's DNA tests, it should be enlightening to see rates of cancers in the health care professions vs. other, non hospital-bound professions. Shouldn't there be a marked increase if the theory of "hospital as aggregator / concentrator / dispensary of DNA mutation" is to hold up? Granted, those with vested interests in turning a profit from hospitals would have quite the motive for "not tracking" those numbers, particularly if they do show such an increase, but I'm sure there's someone in the industry that would have them.

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      Info-Tech Research Group | 10-22-2012

      Thank you for your comment. This is a fascinating and important question. However, there could be several issues which would confuse results found, no matter what they are:

      1. Those working in these locations must have stronger immune systems, since those systems are under constant assault. This may make them healthier and actually less likely to fall prey to at least certain classes of diseases.

      2. The researcher cited is named Craig Venter.

      3. What if we could test non-professionals exposed more often to healthcare centers; do they have higher cancer rates?

      4. In all tests, there is such a mix of viral and bacterial vectors that we would be testing them all in a soup and might find mixed human health responses accordingly tough to decrypt.

      But this is a great idea.


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