Security Business Satisfaction and Alignment Report

Is security viewed as a business roadblock or business enabler?

The primary goal of IT security is to protect the organization from security threats. However, that goal must be balanced with business needs. Optimal security practices must minimize risks AND enable the business. Use this report to understand how well you are achieving these goals and identify areas for improvement.

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Benefits of the Program

Business Satisfaction with Security

Measure business satisfaction in terms of security confidence and the amount of friction for business processes. Specifically, this summary will:

  • Measure the level of confidence in current security practices.
  • Identify areas of friction for business users.
  • Determine security importance from a business perspective.
Magnifying Glass

Gaps example

Identify gaps between IT and business perceptions of security practices. Specifically, this summary will:

  • Measure gaps in perceptions of security confidence, importance, and satisfaction.
  • Identify gaps in the desired level of business involvement in security governance.
  • Provide recommended actions to close alignment gaps and optimize security practices.

Business Satisfaction per Department

Similar to the above business satisfaction summary, but broken down by department to enable a more-granular understanding of security concerns.

Business Satisfaction per Department example

Downloads & Supplementary Material

Security BSA Sample Report thumbnail

Sample Report

Info-Tech’s Security Business Satisfaction and Alignment Report is designed to apply to all organizations, regardless of size or industry. Download a preview of the report to see the value it can bring to your organization.

Security BSA Sample Survey thumbnail

Sample Survey

Preview a sample of Info-Tech’s Security Business Satisfaction and Alignment survey. This short survey (8 questions) is designed to be quick and user friendly. It should be completed by IT Management, Business Management, and a sampling of your End Users.

View Sample Survey

Guided Implementation

Info-Tech’s dedicated team of Program Managers will facilitate this Diagnostic program remotely, providing you with a convenient, low effort, high impact experience.

We will guide you through the process with your goals in mind to deliver deep insight into your successes and areas to improve.

What You Get

Let us do the heavy lifting remotely:

  1. Collect necessary inputs and generate your custom survey
  2. Launch, maintain and support the survey in the field
  3. Provide you with response rates throughout the process
  4. Remotely send out reminders to complete the survey
  5. Close the survey when you’re ready
  6. Generate your custom report and provide you with the results fast
  7. Suggest next steps to gathering more information about specific Security areas

Then, let’s explore your results with a 1 hour call with an Executive Advisor to:

  1. Understand your results and draw insights from the data
  2. Start your action plan to address key areas
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Included In Your Membership*

* Please contact your Account Manager to determine eligibility.

Onsite 5 Day Diagnostic Workshop

Info-Tech Research Group’s expert analysts will come onsite to help you facilitate this Diagnostic program, interpret the results, and help you start to implement change.

We take you through the phases of this process and ensure that you have a road map in place to improve the areas highlighted in your custom report.

What You Get

Engage your IT team onsite at your location in an innovative 5 day Diagnostic Workshop:

  1. Launch and complete the IT Security Diagnostic Program*
  2. Interpret the results of your custom reports
  3. Identify key insights about specific areas, policies or processes
  4. Build an improvement road map
  5. Build alignment and set priorities and accountabilities with your team
  6. Begin executing on the improvement road map:
    • Action items to improve areas of weakness
    • Create and implement policies or processes
    • Begin measuring trends in security incidents
    • Drive improvement in specific security areas
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* Due to the nature of this Diagnostic we may recommend that portions of it be initiated prior to the onsite engagement to allow time to complete it.

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