Adopt a Structured Acquisition Process to Ensure Excellence in Gen AI Outcomes

Gen AI brings real risks to the enterprise, and it is critical for organizations to take a structured approach to their plans for the adoption and incorporation of Gen AI...

The Duty of Due Diligence: Examining your vendors could prevent disaster

Due diligence grants us a glimpse into the potential risks of entering vendor relationships. More importantly, performing due diligence allows us to continually reassess...

Flip the Script: An Intriguing New Approach to the Same Old Dell

The integration of Cloudify technology into Dell's portfolio is a strategic approach allowing the manufacturer to deliver a robust toolset and comprehensive solution that...

Manage Exponential Value Relationships

Implementing exponential IT will require businesses to work with external partners to facilitate the rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as generative...

Exponential Relationships Readiness Assessment

Assess your capabilities to undertake a new model of vendor relationships and drive exponential IT, using 25 capabilities over four categories.

Manage Exponential Value Relationships Storyboard

Assess your capabilities to undertake a new model of vendor relationships and drive Exponential IT, using 25 capabilities over four categories.

Vendor Management Research Center Capstone

Vendor management advisory services provide extensive coverage on how to start and mature your vendor management initiative; best practices in contract, SOW, SLA,...

Transform Your IT Cost Structure

Use this guide to help your organization develop a policy for determining whether your cloud purchases can be treated as an asset and capitalized as such.

Enhance Business Leverage With Oracle by Being Audit Ready

As the number two software company in the world, Oracle has 430,000 customers in 175 countries and holds the top spot in 50 product or industry categories. Because of its...

Why You Need a Security Addendum: Managing vendor expectations

Holding vendors accountable for their security programs is vital in today's world. Part of your due diligence in establishing or renewing agreements should be...
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