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AWS Pushes Unlikely Competitors Into “Frenemy” Territory

Microsoft and Oracle join forces to provide interoperability across their public cloud environments. Customers of both organizations are now untethered and can run Azure...

AI Can Have My Job Someday…Just Not Yet

According to some pundits, artificial intelligence is a threat to replace workers performing knowledge-based jobs; however, when it comes to reviewing and negotiating...

Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing

SAP has made concerted efforts into conducting inquiries, audits, and lawsuits against customers. Understanding SAP’s new rules around indirect access is critical to...
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Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the importance of having a defined SAP digital access licensing strategy.

Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing – Storyboard

This storyboard provides a foundational understanding of SAP licensing, support, and management.

Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing – Phase 1: Understand, Assess, and Decide on Digital Access Licensing

This phase of Explore the Secrets of SAP Digital Access Licensing will guide you in assessing your current state and defining business objectives and drivers.

SAP Digital Access Licensing Pricing Tool

Use the SAP Digital Access Licensing Pricing Tool to create a cost estimate that will help determine if SAP's new document model makes sense for your organization.

SAP Infuses AI Into Costco’s Baked Goods Business

Traditionally driven by a culture of tribal knowledge bolstered by the long tenure of its employees, Costco determined it could benefit from a more precise and...

B-lay’s Java Health Check Service Enables a Proactive Response to Oracle License Changes

With over 15 billion installs of Java, it is highly likely that your organization has at least one, if not several, applications dependent on Java updates for bug fixes...

Going to the Hospital Just Got a Little Less Risky

Hospitals work with hundreds of vendors, and conducting a risk assessment historically has been a manual, time-consuming process. Censinet recently launched a third-party...
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