Secure Cloud & Network Architecture - Templates & Policies

DevSecOps Implementation Strategy Template

This template is designed to be used to develop a DevSecOps implementation strategy.

Firewall Policy

Use this policy template to define and support your organization's firewall operations management.

Endpoint Protection Metrics Summary Template

Identify relevant metrics to assist in evaluating the success of your organization's endpoint protection process.

NGFW Procurement Project Charter Template

Ensure proper project management and stakeholder support from the start of your project by properly planning and scoping your next generation firewall project.

NGFW Implementation Tracker

Ensure the next generation firewall implementation is formally documented. The variety of features included in the tool require special care: use the checklist to verify...

NGFW RFP Template

A Request for Proposal is a formal invitation issued by a business or agency requesting interested vendors to submit written proposals meeting a particular set of...

NGFW Vendor Demo Script Template

This template is designed to provide next-generation firewall vendors with a consistent set of instructions, ensuring an objective comparison of product features – all...

Administrative Rights Policy

The administrative rights policy grants access to individuals’ desktop, laptop, or other end-user devices within a company for those who are qualified and cleared to use...

Anti-Virus Policy

The anti-virus policy provides a computing network that is virus-free; this policy provides instructions on measures that must be taken by company employees to help...

Data Center Access Policy

The data center access policy will outline the standards for regulating access to the company data center(s).
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