Improve Security Governance With a Security Steering Committee

Successful information security governance requires a venue to address security concerns with participation across the entire business. Without access to requisite...
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Legitimate Interest Assessment Template

Perform a legitimate interest assessment when legitimate interest is used as the lawful basis for business processes under GDPR.

Security Governance Organizational Structure

A formalized security organizational structure assigns and defines the security roles and responsibilities of different members in the organization. Clarity of...

Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand what it means to review five years of security strategies.

Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies Storyboard

This storyboard will help you review how organizations are building their security strategies.

Record of Processing Template

As a data controller or processor, align your required record of processing requirements to your activities.

KnowBe4 Expands Into Brazil With the Purchase of El Pescador From Tempest

KnowBe4, a leader in end-user security training, has acquired El Pescador, a Brazilian security awareness and training company. This could be a good fit if you are...

2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Security Education Organizations

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards of 2019 have been announced. While these awards help to identify leaders in this market, we recommend using other factors to decide...

Security Operations Policy for Third-Party Outsourcing

Ensure secure operations of information processing with regards to implementation of an external third party.

Third-Party Security Policy Charter Template

Make sure you that your desire to outsource matches your organization's security mandate.
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