Select a Security Outsourcing Partner – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you determine what responsibilities you can outsource to a service partner, refine the list of role-based requirements, and adopt a program to...

MSSP RFP Template

This template is designed to introduce consistency and outline key requirements during the request for proposal (RFP) phase of selecting an MSSP.

Select a Security Outsourcing Partner

A lack of time and resources prevents your organization from being able to enable security internally, making outsourcing more appealing. An effective outsourcing partner...

Security Governance Organizational Structure Template

This template will help you to implement or revise your organizational structure.

Information Security Steering Committee Charter

A charter is the organizational mandate that outlines the purpose, scope, and authority of the Information Security Steering Committee.

Establish Effective Security Governance & Management – Phases 1-2

Use this storyboard to develop an information security governance and management model and implement essential governance processes.

Security Program Design Tool

The Security Program Design Tool will help you tailor the security program to what makes your organization unique to ensure business-alignment.

Security Program Design and Implementation Plan

The Security Program Design and Implementation Plan will help you collect the results of your security program design efforts. Use this tool in conjunction with the...

Design and Implement a Business-Aligned Security Program Storyboard

This document will guide you on how to understand what makes your organization unique and design a security program with capabilities that create business value.

Security Program Implementation Tool

The Security Program Implementation Tool will help you assess the current state of different security program components and plan program improvements.
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