Data Security Executive Report

Focus on the key metrics your senior leadership team wants to see. Use this executive report template to show how the organization's high-risk data is being secured.

Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program

Weak identity and access management (IAM) practices result in considerable risk to the organization because IAM plays a role in most things in IT. Info-Tech provides a...
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Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how you improve the organization's Identity and Access Management practices using Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the...

Security Cost Optimization Workbook

This tool will help you to work through your cost optimization decisions related to people, process, and technology.

Secure Your High-Risk Data: Phase 3 – Implement the Data Security Plan

Tie off any loose ends in your data security plan, by ensuring impacted staff are properly trained and supported. Identify and track metrics for each of the control...

Mature Your Identity and Access Management Program – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve the organization's identity and access management practices by using the Identity Lifecycle as a framework.

IAM Initiative Tool

This tool will allow you to identify, document, prioritize, and roadmap initiatives for improving the organization's identity and access management practices.

Cost-Optimize Your Security Budget

This blueprint will help you rise to the challenge of a cost-optimization mandate by helping you assess how well your people, process, and technology help to lower...
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Cost-Optimize Your Security Budget – Executive Brief

This executive brief will demonstrate the project methodology and thought model, as well as summarize its outcomes.

Security Employee Layoff Selection Tool

Use this tool to determine which employees should be selected for layoff and in which order of priority.
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