Identify Opportunities to Mature the Security Architecture – Phases 1-2

Organizations require an effective security architecture in order to connect security to the business. This blueprint demonstrates Info-Tech's approach to evaluating the...

Manage Third-Party Service Security Outsourcing – Phase 2: How to Outsource

This phase of the blueprint, Manage Third-Party Service Security Outsourcing, will help you figure out how you should evaluate third-party service providers.

Build a Business-Driven IT Risk Management Program – Phase 1: Review IT Risk Fundamentals and Governance

Review the foundations of IT risk management and establish a robust governance framework.

Security Governance and Management Communication Plan

This template will help you organize your various security communication efforts with different stakeholders.

Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts – Phase 3: Satisfy Documentation Requirements

This phase of the blueprint, Fast Track Your GDPR Compliance Efforts, will help you satisfy a core regulatory requirement: a record of processing.

Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO – Phase 1: Launch

Understand the core competencies required to be a successful world-class CISO, and identify which ones are a priority for you.

Design and Implement a Vulnerability Management Program – Phase 2: Triage Vulnerabilities and Assign Urgencies

This phase of the blueprint, Design and Implement a Vulnerability Management Program, will help you identify how urgent different vulnerabilities are based on their...

MSSP Selection Tool

This tool will rank managed security service providers (MSSPs) based on the variables selected in order to determine which MSSP is the most valuable to your organization.

Identify the Best Framework for Your Security Policies Storyboard

Use this storyboard and associated templates to develop policies for the framework that fits yours needs.

Close the InfoSec Skills Gap: Develop a Technical Skills Sourcing Plan – Phase 1: Identity Skill Needs for Target State

This phase of the blueprint will help you define your security initiative skill needs.
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