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Simplify Identity and Access Management – Phase 3: Create an RBAC Maintenance Plan

This phase of the blueprint Simplify Identity and Access Management covers best practices regarding exception handling and maintaining the RBAC system over time.

Build Your Security Operations Program From the Ground Up – Phases 1-4

Use this blueprint to establish your security operations program with a threat collaboration environment.

Build Your Security Operations Program From the Ground Up – Phase 1: Establish Your Foundation

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your Security Operations From the Ground Up, will help you determine how to establish the foundation of your security operations.

Build an Information Security Strategy – Phase 1: Assess Requirements

This phase of the blueprint, Build an Information Security Strategy, will help you bring your security program into alignment with the organization.

Select and Implement a Next Generation Endpoint Protection Solution – Phase 2: Select an Endpoint Protection Solution

Streamline the endpoint procurement process by identifying the vendor that best satisfies the use-case criteria.

Identify Opportunities to Mature the Security Architecture – Phase 1: Identify the Organization's Ideal Security Architecture

Complete multiple assessments to determine how mature the security architecture should be for your organization. These assessments will look at IT complexity, security...

Develop and Deploy Security Policies – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you formalize your security policy program, develop a new policy suite, and implement the program to ensure awareness and engagement from end users.

Design a Tabletop Exercise to Support Your Security Operation – Phase 3: Develop

In order to ensure a seamless and well facilitated tabletop exercise, time needs to be dedicated to create briefings, guides, reports, and exercise injects.

Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service – Phase 2: Develop Assessment Methodology

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Vendor Security Assessment Service, will help you develop procedures and tools to assess vendor risk.

Integrate Threat Intelligence Into Your Security Operations – Phase 1: Plan for a Threat Intelligence Program

Assess your organization's unique threat landscape, current capabilities, and define an ideal target state.
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