Security - Storyboard

Build Your Security Operations Program From the Ground Up – Phases 1-4

Use this blueprint to establish your security operations program with a threat collaboration environment.

Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO – Phases 1-4

Use this blueprint to hire or develop a world-class CISO with the competencies that suit your specific organizational needs. Once you have identified the right candidate,...

Simplify Identity and Access Management – Phase 3: Create an RBAC Maintenance Plan

This phase of the blueprint Simplify Identity and Access Management covers best practices regarding exception handling and maintaining the RBAC system over time.

Build Your Security Operations Program From the Ground Up – Phase 1: Establish Your Foundation

This phase of the blueprint, Build Your Security Operations From the Ground Up, will help you determine how to establish the foundation of your security operations.

Storyboard: Establish an Effective System of Internal IT Controls to Mitigate Risks

This Blueprint will help you establish a well-designed system of internal controls that helps the IT department operate as intended by mitigating its greatest risks.

Develop and Deploy Security Policies – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you define your security policy program, develop and implement a new policy suite, and communicate and measure the program for coverage and...

Develop and Implement a Security Incident Management Program – Phases 1-3

Organizations face an ever-evolving range of cyberthreats. It is crucial to have a security incident management program to detect, respond, and recover from security...

Establish Effective Security Governance & Management – Phases 1-2

Use this storyboard to develop an information security governance and management model and implement essential governance processes.

Build an Information Security Strategy – Phases 1-4

Technology sophistication and business adoption, the proliferation of hacking techniques, and the expansion of hacking motivations from financial to social, political, or...

Discover and Classify Your Data – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you define and develop your data classification program, from formalizing the program to discovering your data and finally implementing data...
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