Project & Portfolio Management

Freezing Projects for COVID-19

Watch this video to understand how and when to freeze projects during a pandemic.

Introduce Program Management to Your Organization – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why IT projects continue to fail and how Info-Tech's approach will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Audit the Project Portfolio – Phase 3: Establish a Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Audit the Project Portfolio, will help you create an action plan to move forward with the information you learned from this audit.

Zoho Projects Offers Two “New” Gantt Chart Features

Zoho Projects has recently announced two new Gantt chart features: a baseline health check and a critical path highlighter. Both are helpful, but hardly gamechangers in...

PPM Audit Timeline Template

Based on the results of the audit, this tool should be used as a project plan for next steps.

Asana Rolls Out New Project List View to Increase Clarity Around Project Tasks and Misses the Mark With Customers

To improve visibility into progress on project tasks and navigate the details of project plans, Asana has rolled out a new project List view. However, while the feature...

BPM Strategic Roadmap

This template will help build a living Business Process Management (BPM) strategic roadmap for the enterprise.

Project Management During COVID-19: Iterative Approaches to Planning and Execution, Frequent Status Reports, and Diligent Stakeholder Analysis

Managing new roadblocks, disparate team members, and responding to new budget and resource constraints should be reflected in your project management processes. This...

Define the Right Kind of PMO for Your Organization – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand that best practices around PMOs have largely been impractical.

Do you have information on SOA and ESB, including vendors and best practices?

The reality is that although SOA (and related technologies) have been around for a number of years, the adoption rate is still fairly small. The reason for that is that...
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