Project & Portfolio Management

Audit the Project Portfolio – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the Info-Tech Audit Standard.

Planview Sees Auto-Timesheet Helping With Software Project Capitalization

Planview is marketing its automatic timesheet feature as something that enables capitalization of Agile investments and promotes the scale out of Agile itself. But the...

Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software – Phase 3: Prepare PPM Resource Requirements and Deliverables

This phase of the blueprint, Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software, will help you provide clearer definition to specific resource management functional requirements...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Phase 1: Get Executive Buy-In for Your PPM Strategy

This phase of the blueprint, Develop a PPM Strategy, will help you get the leadership to buy in to the right strategy for your organization, and set goals for your PPM...

Get Started With IT Project Portfolio Management – Executive Brief

Use this brief to understand the common struggle IT departments face with projects and what can be done to improve it.

Push Organizational Change to the Front Lines – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how frontline managers can be an indispensable change management resource and how Info-Tech's approach to engaging managers can...

Create a Winning BPI Playbook – Phase 5: Implement

This phase of the blueprint will define the future-state process map and build an implementation plan that includes direction for monitoring the changes made to the...

Responsibly Resume IT Operations in the Office – Phase 3: Repatriate Assets to the Office

Prepare the organization's assets for return to the office. Ensure that IT takes into account the off-license purchases and new additions to the hardware family that took...

Resource Management Communications Template

Use this template to present your resource management practice to stakeholders.

Maintain an Organized Portfolio – Phase 2: Enhance Portfolio Organization Through Improved PPM Criteria and Processes

This phase of the blueprint, Maintain an Organized Portfolio, will help you define clear portfolio criteria and help ensure processes are in place to use these criteria...
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