Project & Portfolio Management Is Missing a Crucial Link in Its Blockchain Prediction

It’s not often that revolutionary solutions come up in the world of project management, so’s Peter Giffen grabbed my attention with his recent blog on...

Audit Glossary of Terms

Read and understand the glossary of terms before completing the activities in phase 1 of this blueprint.

Audit Standard Triage Tool

This tool should be used as a current state analysis of your project portfolio practices. Use the results to determine if further assessment is needed.

Organizational Change Management Triage Tool

Use this tool as part of your ongoing project processes to gauge the viability and the organizational change management efforts required for a project.

PPM Wireframe

Use this tool to help you action next steps determined to improve the current state of you PPM process.

Change Management Role Play Scenarios

Use this template to role play change navigation scenarios between a leader and their direct report.

Mavenlink Took a Step Towards Resource Self-Management

Earlier this year, Mavenlink announced a PSA-supporting function for targeting and tracking the ratio of billable vs. non-billable time. Consultants get a useful feature,...

Project Estimation Playbook

Use this template to track and develop an estimation process that is cohesive and repeatable for all future projects.

Define and Deploy an Enterprise PMO – Phase 1: Gather Requirements

This phase of Define and Deploy an Enterprise PMO will help you to survey executive needs to ensure the EPMO is positioned as a driver of business value.

Improve Employee Engagement to Drive IT Performance – Phase 3: Select and Implement Engagement Initiatives

This phase of the blueprint will help you implement an action plan for improving your staff's engagement.
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