Project & Portfolio Management - Videos

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Freezing Projects for COVID-19

Watch this video to understand how and when to freeze projects during a pandemic.
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Webinar: Lay the Foundations for Project Portfolio Management

Develop foundational practices in each of the following areas: portfolio management, project management, and organizational change management.
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Webinar: Improve Project Closure by Beginning Your Projects With the End in Mind

IT needs to implement proactive measures to reduce costs with immediate results. During this session we will go through a tactical and strategic...
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Webinar: Drive Business Value With a Right-Sized Project Gating Process

Stop over-engineering the gating process. Right-sizing the gating model so it's based on project level reduces the temptation to circumvent the...
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Webinar: Define the Right Kind of PMO for IT and Your Organization

There is no such thing as a standard PMO. During this session we will discuss the importance of using organizational need as a foundation to...
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Webinar: Get Started With Project Management Excellence

Sustainability of the project process should be top of mind when you are setting expectations for your staff. Your project management process...
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Portfolio Manager 2017 Video – Creating Reports

Learn how to create compelling reports on your project portfolio with Info-Tech's Project Manager 2017, a spreadsheet-based PPM tool. Presented...
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Portfolio Manager 2017 Video – Power Pivot and Power Query

Learn how Microsoft Excel's business intelligence add-ons are leveraged in Info-Tech's Project Manager 2017, a spreadsheet-based PPM tool....
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Portfolio Manager 2017 Video – Introduction and Demonstration

Be introduced to Info-Tech's Project Manager 2017, a spreadsheet-based tool for managing your project portfolio. Presented by Info-Tech's Senior...
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