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Incident Management and Service Desk Workflows

The Workflow Library provides examples of typical workflows that make up the bulk of the incident management and request fulfillment processes at the service desk.

Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter the Most

Getting a truly accurate picture of satisfaction levels among customers and where to focus efforts to improve satisfaction is challenging. Providers often find themselves...
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Measure and Manage Customer Satisfaction Metrics That Matter the Most Executive Brief

​This executive brief will help customer success and marketing leaders understand what they need to measure to get an accurate picture of customer satisfaction levels,...

Develop an IT Strategy to Support Customer Service

Take a business process management (BPM)-centric approach to model the desired future state of your customer service IT systems. Then develop an overall IT systems...
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Develop and Mature an Esports Program in Education

Esports is becoming a major trend in the education industry. IT is often involved in its development due to esports’ technical nature. Info-Tech’s approach to the...

Design Your Cloud Operations

Assess your current cloud maturity and your readiness and fit for new ways of working involved in cloud operations. Design a cloud operations organizational...
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Design Your Cloud Operations – Storyboard

This storyboard will help you assess your cloud maturity, understand relevant ways of working, and create a meaningful design of your cloud operations that will help...

Mobile Application Delivery Communication Template

Use this template to narrate a story that describes the need and expectations of your mobile application initiative to get buy-in from stakeholders and interested parties.

Choose Your Mobile Platform and Tools

Workers require access to enterprise products, data, and services anywhere at any time on any device. Give them the device-specific features, offline access, desktop-like...
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Choose Your Mobile Platform and Tools Storyboard

This blueprint helps you develop an approach to understand your mobile experience and current state of your enterprise technologies to determine the right mobile platform...
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