Templates & Policies

COVID-19 Dependent Care Policy Manager Action Toolkit

A job-aid to help managers navigate the creation of team-specific work coverage plans and support employees through the unique challenges of integrating dependent care...

Time-Tracking Survey Email Template

Use this template to send regular time-audit survey updates.

Vulnerability Management Policy

This template will allow you to create a vulnerability management policy, which includes scope of the program and the high-level remediation process.

BCP Business Process Workflows Example

Outline business process workflows and establish steps, dependencies and alternates for BCP by building on this example.

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use the Employee Recognition Nomination Form for employees to nominate their peers to be recognized.

COVID-19 Dependent Care Policy Employee Guide

A job-aid employees can use to plan to consider implications of balancing caregiving for dependents with their remote work while navigating the stress of a pandemic...

Resource Management Strategy

Use this template to record your resource management strategy decisions.

PMO Project Charter

Use this template to document the project of establishing your new PMO.

Mock Spear Phishing Email Examples

This document contains numerous mock spear phishing email examples that can be used to test end users’ susceptibility to such attacks.

BCP Recovery Workflow Example

Use this example BCP recovery workflow to support your own planning efforts.
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