Define Your Cloud Vision – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you define a cloud vision that aligns your delivery methods with your organizational goals.

Cloud Vision Workbook

Use this tool to plan your cloud migration and roadmap your initiatives.

Cloud Vision Executive Presentation

The executive summary captures the results of the vision exercise, including decision criteria for moving to the cloud, risks, roadblocks, and mitigations.

Define Your Cloud Vision

This blueprint reviews the characteristics, pros, and cons of cloud services, helping readers understand when to employ software-, platform-, and...
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Document Your Cloud Strategy

The cloud is a multifaceted concept with lots of upside, but lots of potential downside as well, if used improperly. This blueprint will help you bring stakeholders...
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Document Your Cloud Strategy – Phases 1-4

Use this blueprint to drive consensus by outlining how your organization will use the cloud. Define the strategic statements around people, processes, and technology to...

Cloud Strategy Document Template

Use this template to document your cloud strategy. Follow along with the sections of the Document Your Cloud Strategy storyboard and complete the template as you go.

Design Your Cloud Operations

Assess your current cloud maturity and your readiness and fit for new ways of working involved in cloud operations. Design a cloud operations organizational...
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Data Backup Moves Closer to Data Protection Storyboard

What new features are being provided by backup vendors and who is providing them?

Data Backup Moves Closer to Data Protection

The rise of cybersecurity risks has led backup vendors to evolve their products to counter these risks. This document describes the path to that change, what the new...
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