Infrastructure Services Business Case Sample Template

This template will help you build a business case for transitioning infrastructure services from one environment to another.

Cloud Strategy and Action Plan Template

This template will help you document your cloud strategy findings from Own the Cloud: Strategy and Action Plan and present the results to internal business stakeholders.

Cloud Database Approval Process Example

Use this workflow template to help you develop a cloud database approval process.

Cloud Database Strategy Project Charter Template

Use this template to set the scope and assign roles for your project to migrate enterprise databases to the cloud.

Cloud Database Strategy Executive Presentation Template

Use this template to communicate the cloud strategy for your enterprise databases to stakeholders.

Infrastructure Service RFP Template

Use this RFP template to procure your infrastructure services.

Vendor Question Organizer Template

Use this vendor question organizer template to organize questions your vendors have regarding your RFP and your responses.

Vendor Management Template

Use this vendor management template to track your communications with the vendor and prepare for regular service reviews.

Public Cloud IaaS Project Charter Template

A project charter serves several important functions. It organizes the public cloud project so that you can make efficient and effective resource allocation decisions. It...

Public Cloud IaaS Vendor Demo Script Template

Use this demonstration script to provide vendors with a consistent set of instructions, ensuring an objective comparison of product features.
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