Infrastructure & Operations - Templates & Policies

Service Desk Software – Ticket Categorization Schemes

The ticket categorization schemes provide examples of ticket categories to organize the data in the service desk tool and produce reports that help managers manage the...

Release Management Workflow Library

This workflow library will help your team walk through the release management lifecycle and map out what happens at each stage.

Service Desk Improvement Presentation Template

This template will help you communicate the results of your service desk improvement projects to your leadership team.

Data Center Recovery Business Case Summary

Use the Data Center Recovery Business Case Summary to summarize your case for re-purposing unused space in the data center for senior management.

Current State Value Stream Map

Use this template to outline a value stream found in the service desk and develop a high-level understanding of that process.

Containers Collective Agreements Document

Use this template to develop a collection of policies and agreements between Development and Operations to govern the development, deployment, and maintenance of containers.

Mobile Strategy Template

Formalize your strategy in a document that combines your mobility vision, with a plan to attain it.

DR Active Test Evaluation Survey

Ensure that key learning points and test results are documented through a test evaluation survey.

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use the Employee Recognition Nomination Form for employees to nominate their peers to be recognized.

Service Request Workflow

This template contains sample workflows to define the ticket triage and service request processes.
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