Jamf's Year of Subverting Unified Endpoint Management

Jamf has had a busy year improving and expanding its product. It’s convincing many organizations to avoid the siren song of unified endpoint management.

Printer Consolidation Tool

Use this printer consolidation tool to help you through various stages of your printer consolidation project.

Select and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand what has changed in the EMM landscape, and what to look out for when choosing a vendor.

Select and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you analyze your mobility management requirements, choose an EMM vendor, and kick-start implementation.

Select and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management – Phase 1: Launch the EMM Project and Collect Requirements

Create a project plan before exploring vendors. Gather requirements to determine your use case scenarios, then create a project charter to kick off the selection process.

Enterprise Mobility Management Procurement Project Charter Template

Use this template as a starting point for your EMM procurement project's charter.

Enterprise Mobility Management Use-Case Fit Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine how the three use-case scenarios correspond to your organization's current situation.

Select and Implement Enterprise Mobility Management – Phase 2: Select Your Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Review Info-Tech’s vendor evaluations, then develop a shortlist that fits your use cases. Move on to procurement with a demo script and RFP.

Mobile Device Policy Training Slideshow

Customize this training slideshow to present or distribute a document that communicates your policies to employees.

Windows 10 Multi-Session Is Now in Azure

Microsoft has finally released the public preview of Windows Virtual Desktop. Before you make a large end-user computing investment, give it a try.
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