Financial Services - Storyboard

Next-Generation Customer Experience in Retail Banking Storyboard

An overview of the key drivers that impact customer experience as well as a structured approach to elevate CX within a retail bank.

Consider Agile for Banking Storyboard

Understand the Agile methodology/SAFe 6.0 in the context of retail banking.

Priorities for Adopting an Exponential IT Mindset in the Banking Industry Storyboard

The banking industry needs to urgently adopt Exponential IT to counter industry disruptions. This report emphasizes five key priorities of exponential IT transformation,...

Third-Party Data in Retail Banking Storyboard

A discussion about what third-party data is and how to use it effectively in retail banking.

AI Impact on Customer-Facing Value Chains in Banks Storyboard

Use this report to better understand AI’s impact on customer engagement. Also, see an example of an AI-powered product or service using the retail banking reference...

Protecting PII When Using AI in Banks Storyboard

Understand AI/ML and the potential risks it presents to a bank’s PII and how to use encryption or tokenization to solve these challenges.

Generative AI Use Case Library for the Retail Banking Industry Storyboard

This library of generative AI use cases in the banking industry provides insights into the latest and most impactful Gen AI use cases.

AI/ML for Small and Midsize Banks Storyboard

A discussion of the internal and external benefits of AI combined with key considerations and a six-step implementation guide.

Meet the Technology Demands of Modern Banking Storyboard

A discussion of the 4 main approaches to core banking / front-end modernization based on 12 criteria.

The Future of Wealth Management Storyboard

Wealth management firms must understand the trends driving their industry.
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