Does Diffusion of Innovation Prevent CIOs From Using Time as a Competitive Advantage?

Read this executive brief to learn which time dimensions the executives are primarily relying on for decision-making and whether that should change.

Navigating Exponential Technology Leadership and Current Events in the Canadian Public Sector – Summer 2023

Housing shortages! Reinventing the RCMP! Budget shortages! Forest fires! The headlines seem to swing from one crisis to the next and back again these days, and our...

Tips and Tricks to Setting Up and Configuring Your Kubernetes Cluster to Orchestrate Containers

This note outlines some tips and tricks that you should be aware of when embarking on the installation and configuration of a Kubernetes cluster. Such an endeavor should...

Generative AI Meets Enterprise Architecture

Generative AI has increasingly become important for enterprises as it can bring numerous benefits. Lot of enterprises are focusing on introducing this new discipline and...

Cross-Functional Sustainability Committee Charter

Use this charter template to create a Cross-Functional Sustainability Committee.

Data and Analytics Governance Committee Charter

Use this charter template as a baseline to create a Data & Analytics Governance Committee.

Custom Vendor Landscape: Sustainability Reporting Tools

Sustainability reporting tools can be used as an extensible software-as-a-service solution that can better enable organizations to record, report, and take proactive...
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