Software Installation Policy

The software installation policy outlines the permitted and prohibited software titles and the proper procedures for software installation on company devices.

Strategy Alignment Map Template

This template contains examples of and instructions to create a strategy alignment map.

IT Strategy Template

This template contains a completed IT strategy filled with examples ready to be tailored to your organization.

Sourcing Strategy Interview Guide

This interview guide will help you determine the underlying needs of your stakeholders with respect to the sourcing strategy project. Use it to identify your mandate and...

Sourcing Strategy Communication and Execution Plan Template

Use this template to plan the communication and execution of the sourcing strategy development project.

Sourcing Strategy Development Project Charter

Approach your sourcing strategy development effort as a project, managing the aspects of scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, risk, procurement, communications,...

Current State of Sourcing Assessment Template

Use this template to document the outcomes from the exercises conducted during the current state of sourcing assessment.

Sourcing Strategy Initiative Definition Template

Use this template to define your strategic initiatives.

Sourcing Strategy Template

Use this template to document your sourcing strategy. As you conduct the exercises in the Create an IT Sourcing Strategy blueprint, transfer your results into this template.

Maturity Level 1: BRM Organizational Design Reference Book

Use this template to design a Business Relationship Manager role and to effectively incorporate them into your department's organizational structure.
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