Enterprise Architecture - Storyboard

Storyboard: Build an Application Integration Strategy

Create a formal application integration (AI) strategy blueprint to improve success of IT projects and assert some control over today's major IT disruptors.

Storyboard: Move Email to the Cloud

The future of email is in the cloud. IT leaders must have a position on cloud email and make the appropriate preparations. It is the most cost-effective email options for...

Storyboard: Build a Strategy for Big Data Platforms

This research allows organizations to successfully identify if they have the need for NoSQL solutions and develop a big data strategy around their use case.

Build a Strategic IT Workforce Plan – Phases 1-3

Build a strategic workforce plan to drive IT engagement and productivity, and limit workforce gaps.

Establish Data Governance – Phases 1-3

Building a data governance engine is a critical first step to enable data-driven knowledge and insight. Use this research to help you create a sustainable and effective...

Storyboard: Develop a Comprehensive Business-to-Business Integration Strategy

As the business recognizes the importance of B2B integration, they place increasing pressure on IT to accommodate the onboarding of additional trading partners and data...

Build a Next Generation BI with a Game-Changing BI Strategy – Phase 1: Understand the Business Context and BI Landscape

This phase will help you establish the scope for your project by gathering detailed business context for the BI program, as well as helping you to understand your...

Comply with the Security Requirements of HIPAA or SOX – Phase 3: Build a Roadmap

This phase will assist in prioritizing compliance gap initiatives, and then creating an actionable roadmap to close any security compliance requirements in HIPAA and/or SOX.

Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution – Phase 3: Implement the BI Solution

Once a BI vendor is selected, this module helps you to streamline the implementation of the BI platform by providing key milestones and considerations.

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 1: Launch the Project and Collect Requirements

To successfully leverage the public cloud, project planning and stakeholder engagement must occur at the beginning of the project. Use this phase to support your planning...
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