Data & Business Intelligence - Storyboard

Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phases 1-3

Develop a data architecture practice that includes both traditional and modern architecture elements in order to support your organization's present-day data requirements...

Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution – Phase 3: Implement the BI Solution

Once a BI vendor is selected, this module helps you to streamline the implementation of the BI platform by providing key milestones and considerations.

Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution – Phase 2: Select a BI Solution

Execute this module to gather and analyze BI requirements. Create a requirements package to shortlist and identify the most suitable BI vendors.

Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution – Phase 1: Launch a BI Selection Project

This phase helps you to identify the scope and objectives of the select and implement BI project. Benefits and opportunities related to a BI investment will be explored...

Select and Implement a Reporting and Analytics Solution – Phases 1-3

This deliverable contains the full evaluation of the vendors in the BI Vendor Landscape. Use this vendor analysis to gain a greater understanding of the solutions in the...

Select and Implement an ESB Solution – Phases 1-3

Enterprise Service Bus technology helps to improve the interoperability of organizations through the supply of reliable and quick integrations. Use this storyboard and...

Storyboard: Perform a Data Audit

Perform a data audit to uncover data issues that are likely leading to business inefficiencies. This project will walk you through best practices for planning and...

Build a Data Integration Strategy – Phases 1-3

A clear blueprint that provides a step-by-step approach to aid in the development of your integration.

Build an Extensible Data Warehouse Foundation – Phase 1: Prepare for the Data Warehouse Foundation Project

This phase of the blueprint, Build an Extensible Data Warehouse Foundation, will help you create your foundation project and program governance teams.

Storyboard: Create a Customized Big Data Architecture and Implementation Plan

The business is demanding big data capabilities and has forced data architects who haven’t planned for big data into a difficult situation. If data architects do not...
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