Data & Business Intelligence - Storyboard

Storyboard: Build an Application Integration Strategy

Create a formal application integration (AI) strategy blueprint to improve success of IT projects and assert some control over today's major IT disruptors.

Storyboard: Move Email to the Cloud

The future of email is in the cloud. IT leaders must have a position on cloud email and make the appropriate preparations. It is the most cost-effective email options for...

Storyboard: Build a Strategy for Big Data Platforms

This research allows organizations to successfully identify if they have the need for NoSQL solutions and develop a big data strategy around their use case.

Establish a Communication and Collaboration System Strategy – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve your approach to collaboration services.

Storyboard: Move Away from File Shares and Organize Enterprise Information

Take the first steps towards Information Organization. Balance business, IT, and user requirements to build an effective strategy.

Enable Shared Insights With an Effective Data Governance Engine – Phases 1-3

Building a data governance engine is a critical first step to enable data-driven knowledge and insight. Use this research to help you create a sustainable and effective...

Break Open Your DAM With Intuitive Metadata – Phases 1-3

Findability of your key digital assets is crucial to critical marketing and operational efforts to drive business results and enhance productivity. Use this research to...

Enable Shared Insights With an Effective Data Governance Engine – Phase 1: Build a Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Enable Shared Insights With an Effective Data Governance Engine, will help you to create a Business Data Glossary, engage key business units,...

Data Integration Tools Vendor Landscape Storyboard

Data integration tools free up developer resources by automating manual coding to bring together multiple, disparate data sources. Integration creates comprehensive and...

Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution – Phase 2: Select a BI Solution

Execute this module to gather and analyze BI requirements. Create a requirements package to shortlist and identify the most suitable BI vendors.
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