Data & Business Intelligence - Storyboard

Storyboard: Reduce Email Volume

Email can be an addictive and dangerous to enterprise culture and productivity. Take control of the problem by introducing social collaboration tools that will get used.

Storyboard: Move Away from File Shares and Organize Enterprise Information

Take the first steps towards Information Organization. Balance business, IT, and user requirements to build an effective strategy.

Storyboard: Create a Customized Big Data Architecture and Implementation Plan

The business is demanding big data capabilities and has forced data architects who haven’t planned for big data into a difficult situation. If data architects do not...

Storyboard: Perform a Data Audit

Perform a data audit to uncover data issues that are likely leading to business inefficiencies. This project will walk you through best practices for planning and...

Select and Implement an ESB Solution – Phases 1-3

Enterprise Service Bus technology helps to improve the interoperability of organizations through the supply of reliable and quick integrations. Use this storyboard and...

Modernize Data Architecture for Measurable Business Results – Phases 1-3

Develop a data architecture practice that includes both traditional and modern architecture elements in order to support your organization's present-day data requirements...

Leverage Big Data by Starting Small – Phases 1-4

This storyboard will help you understand the big data landscape, establish your current big data maturity, identify the most valuable use cases, and formulate a pilot...

Leverage Big Data by Starting Small – Phase 1: Undergo Big Data Education

This phase will help you establish a fundamental understanding of big data by delving into the four Vs (volume, velocity, variety, and veracity) and what their...

Leverage Big Data by Starting Small – Phase 3: Pinpoint a Killer Big Data Use Case

This phase of the blueprint focuses on identifying the killer big data use cases and refining them to create detailed initiatives.

Leverage Big Data by Starting Small – Phase 2: Assess Big Data Readiness

This phase of the blueprint will guide you through conducting a big data maturity assessment as well as reviewing the key data management practices that are critical for...
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