Enterprise Information Management - Storyboard

Storyboard: Move Away from File Shares and Organize Enterprise Information

Take the first steps towards Information Organization. Balance business, IT, and user requirements to build an effective strategy.

Establish a Communication and Collaboration System Strategy – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you improve your approach to collaboration services.

Effectively Use SharePoint as Your ECM Solution – Phases 1-3

Review the three critical phases of a successful SharePoint ECM project: governance, information architecture, and migration.

Storyboard: Find Information in the Enterprise

The explosion of information in today's organizations is rapidly decreasing employees' ability to find specific content. Build a framework to deal with the mounting...

Storyboard: Reduce Email Volume

Email can be an addictive and dangerous to enterprise culture and productivity. Take control of the problem by introducing social collaboration tools that will get used.

Develop an Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Roadmap – Phases 1-3

Develop an ECM strategy roadmap to enable your employees to work smart, not hard, by following Info-Tech's simple three-phase approach: scope, understand, and build.

Migrate to Office 365 Now – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you build the plan to migrate to Office 365.

Migrate to Office 365 Now – Phase 1: Evaluate Requirements and Licensing

This phase of the blueprint will help you align corporate and project goals, rightsize licensing for savings, and understand the readiness and value of moving relevant...

Migrate to Office 365 Now – Phase 2: Mitigate Key Risks of the Cloud

This phase of the blueprint will help you identify and counter risks across five major areas of risk, including data security and compliance, availability and...

Migrate to Office 365 Now – Phase 3: Build the Roadmap

This phase of the blueprint will help you build out a structured process for roadmap building. You will systematically outline the major milestones of migration and build...
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